Scope Mounts

Scope bases are available in both Weaver and Dovetail style bases to fit a varity of scope sizes.

Highslide JS

Code Specification Base Type
RX8201 30mm 2pcs Low Weaver
RX8202 30mm 2pcs Medium Weaver
RX8204 30mm 2pcs High C-Thru Weaver
RX8105 1 inch 2pcs Medium Weaver
RX8107 1 inch 2pcs High C-Thru Weaver
RX8109 1 inch 2pcs Ultra-High C-Thru Weaver
RX8104 1 inch 2pcs Medium Dovetail
RX8111 1 inch 2pcs Heavy-Duty High Dovetail
RX8108 1 inch 2pcs High C-Thru Dovetail

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