RangeProven III First Plane Reticle Scopes

When it comes to offering innovative and technically advanced product to the market, REX Optics is an industry leader. Unlike conventional scopes, the RangeProven III Series is specially engineered so the reticle is located within the first focal plane of the internal optic assembly. This allows the reticle size to change simultaneously with the target as it is magnified, thus giving always giving you a clear perspective. Increase the power, the target and reticle grow together - decrease the power and they both shrink. Either way the reticle always covers the same amount of the target. Other benefits of a first focal plane scope is that the reticle is generally more durable and that they have no problem with point of impact shifts as compared to conventional scopes.

When the conditions require absolute accuracy for a precise, clean shot with no margin for error, a REX RangeProven III scope is your best choice.


Code Specification Reticle Type Magnification (x) Objective Dia (mm) Tube Dia (mm) FOV (ft@100yrd) Exit Pupil (mm) Eye Relief (mm) Length (mm)
RX7251 2.5-10X50SFIRF MIL-DOT 2.5-10x 50 30 40.0-10.0 15.6-5 3.31-3.43 405
RX7233 5-25X42SFIRF MIL-DOT 5-25x 42 30 18.6-3.7 8.4-1.68 3.15-4.13 405
RX7241 4-14X44SFF MIL-DOT 4-14x 44 30 27.5-7.86 11-3.1 3.74-5.12 350
RX7250 1-4X24IRF MIL-DOT 1-4x 24 30 95-24 16.5-6 3.54-4.92 256
RX7254 2-12X32SFIRF MIL-DOT 2-12x 32 30 55.7-9.3 14.5-5.3 3.54-4.52 275

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